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OGPlanet Astro OGPCard Code Generator

OGPlanet Astro OGPCard Code Generator

OGPlanet is a MMO service, like aeriagames, gPotato, or outspark. They use a universal currency that can be used across their games for enhancements, which can do a variety of things, from in-game upgrades, to cosmetic enhancements. As with most gift cards/purchasable currency, it comes in multiple amounts you can buy it in: $5, 10, 20, 30, 50.However, with our new generator, all that is irrelevant, because now with our latest release you can get as many Astros as desired, all for free.

We are excited to announce the next generator that our community has been showing lots of excitement for: the OGPlanet Astro Generator. With this free generator, you will be able to generate redeemable codes for astros on the OGPlanet website. These Astros can be used in-games for a variety of effects, and they will help you to get new items that may have been previously unattainable due to the items being too expensive to buy. With our generator, this problem is no more, however.

Launch the generator. Find where your generator has been saved to your hard drive, and open it. Initialization may take a few moments.
Click the drop down box with the amount in it. This will allow you to choose between the amount of Astros wanted. Highlight the amount desired and click it to select it.
(OPTIONAL) Once you have the correct amount desired highlighted, click in the next text box. This box allows you to enter how many OPGCard codes you want it to generate that amount. Note that for people who choose 2+ times at once, it will generate a unique code for each amount.The default amount is 1 time.
After you have selected how many times to generate, and the currency amount, click “Generate”. This will generate the code required to enter in for your free astros.
(OPTIONAL) As with most of our other generators, this generator includes a “save to .txt file” function. This function is very nice because instead of you having to immediately copy the code and enter it onto the OGPlanet site, and hopefully not deal with distractions, it automatically saves the codes to a text file as a form of a backup. As long as this box remains checked, you will not have to worry about accidentally losing the code. Also, this function is required when generating multiple codes at once.

Changelog for OGPlanet Astro Generator
Final release.
All bugs fixed, and made final improvements to user interface.
Added an option to have it generate more than one code at a time.
Fixed bugs.
Made improvements to user interface for user friendliness.
Release of OGPlanet Astro Generator.Generator will generate unlimited, unique codes that can be redeemed for free astros.

Mechas, fighters, and shooters

Whether it has always been your dream to pilot a gundam since you were a little kid, if you grew up watching shows such as Gundam Wing, or you love beat-em-up fighting games, or even just traditional MMO games or shooters, OGPlanet has you covered. They have a nice variety of games to choose from, from the gigantic robot action of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, to the Beat-em-up action of Rumble fighter, to traditional MMORPG gameplay like Red Stone. Each one is unique in its own regards.All of the games on OGPLanet support the OGPlanet card. Here is a list of the games:
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (Third person shooter)
Rumble Fighter (Casual Fighting game)
Lost Saga (Action-oriented fighting game)
Zone 4 Fight District (Arcade-based fighting game)
La Tale (MMORPG)
Red Stone (2.5D MMORPG)
Tactical Intervention (First Person Shooter)
What can I get with astros?

SD Gundam
In SD gundam,you can purchase new, often more rare items or units with astros. These units will often be a higher rank than easily found in-game, or they may be on the expensive side. Also, usually the flagship/main character gundams will often be the high-ranking gundams in SD gundam, with the basic/plain models often filling up the low ranks. The game plays in a 3D arena,as a third person shooter. You move and control your gundam and can participate in either player vs player matches, or versus CPU missions. Also, your gundam levels up as well, and increases in stats each level. Certain gundams can upgrade to other gundams if they get high enough(Shining to Burning Gundam, for example).

Rumble Fighter
Rumble fighter is a MMO casual fighting game. It has 6 classes to choose from(Although two are locked until special conditions are met). The game has near-infinite replay value, due to its selection of currently 10 different game modes, as well as the extreme amount of character customization. With astros, you can customize pretty much anything and everything about your character, from their face/eyes, to what clothing they’re wearing. Also, beyond the cosmetic effects that you can buy, you can buy items such as name changes/make your own guild, or even HP/SP enchantments. There are also “sacred scrolls” that you can buy that teach you brand new skills that you can add to your combos to receive a definite edge over others you may fight.

If you’re tired of paying for astros or buying OGPCard codes, or even if you’ve never paid at all, you no longer have to worry about that thanks to our OGPlanet Astro Generator. Download it for free and see for yourself today!

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